Monday, November 22, 2010

The Art of the Waffle Handup

We’ll let Chip Baker of Hearts demonstrate perfect technique on taking a waffle hand-up during the 2010 Shedd Park cyclocross race.

First, at the bottom of the climb you’ve gotta loosen the jaw for maximum flexibility for grabbing the waffle.  A couple of deep breaths helps, along with shouting “on your left” as you pass a rider.IMG_7923

Just like proper cyclocross cornering technique, you’re looking ahead.  Don’t look at the waffle. Notice how Chip’s eyes are focused on the rest of the climb.  Trust the waffle-handler to gently place the waffle in your mouth like a Catholic priest with the Body of Christ.IMG_7924

It helps to receive the waffle if you stick out your tongue.  The dried cotton-mouth from doing two prior laps at LTHR acts like velcro and increases your chances of the waffle staying to your mouth.IMG_7925

Once that waffle makes tongue contact, let your momentum deliver the waffle.  The giver should never force the transfer, and the rider should never take the waffle out of the fingers that giveth. IMG_7926

Next, clamp down and briefly close your eyes, cherishing initial waffle contact like your fist kiss in junior high-school with that girl on the flag team while watching Pretty in Pink in your parents rec-room.IMG_7927

With waffle safely secured, power to the pedal.  It helps to have a coach running along next to you acting as a spotter to confirm that the waffle has indeed landed successfully.IMG_7928

The proper waffle handup is a team effort.  One rigid hand by the giver, or an overzealous receiver, and the waffle ends up in the dirt.  Upon a successful hand-up, the giver shall celebrate, as it’s as much his success as the riders.IMG_7929

With waffle secure, ride away like Fido with that tennis ball he won’t return.IMG_7930

I’ve got nothing for this slide, maybe you the reader can fill in this step _________________.IMG_7931

Eat waffle slowly, careful not to choke on it.IMG_7932

Thank you, Chip, for perfect execution.

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