Wednesday, November 24, 2010

2010 Shedd Park Cyclocross Photos

I don’t know what favor the Master’s riders did for me, but I shot the hell out of them

Masters 35+

Masters 45+

Cat 3s

Here’s a few of the more worthy photos, or just the photos of friends that I like.  And if you haven’t seen my article The Art of the Waffle Handup, I suggest starting there.

Kurt Schmid proving it’s not about the bike, by showing up and riding his 29r with 2.1 tires to a 12th place finish in the Master’s A race:IMG_7792

Fellow teammate Chris Pare rides the barriers:IMG_7966

There’s never enough cowbell:IMG_7814

The front of the Master’s 45+ race:IMG_7855

More 45+:IMG_7857

I don’t get many shots of Steen, master of the John Harvard’s beer supply.  And a little Mark Bernard:IMG_7987

Hell, let’s show a lot of Mark Bernard in his Belgium blue:IMG_7989

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