Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sterling Cyclocross - day two

This guy rode over the barriers every lap, except for the first lap. he crashed while trying in traffic.
Fun to watch, but  I have to admit. I was secretly hoping he crashed again so I could catch it on camera.
Dude, sorry about the bad thoughts, you rocked it!

Master 35+ images
Cat 3 images - lap one

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

2010 Shedd Park Cyclocross Photos

I don’t know what favor the Master’s riders did for me, but I shot the hell out of them

Masters 35+

Masters 45+

Cat 3s

Here’s a few of the more worthy photos, or just the photos of friends that I like.  And if you haven’t seen my article The Art of the Waffle Handup, I suggest starting there.

Kurt Schmid proving it’s not about the bike, by showing up and riding his 29r with 2.1 tires to a 12th place finish in the Master’s A race:IMG_7792

Fellow teammate Chris Pare rides the barriers:IMG_7966

There’s never enough cowbell:IMG_7814

The front of the Master’s 45+ race:IMG_7855

More 45+:IMG_7857

I don’t get many shots of Steen, master of the John Harvard’s beer supply.  And a little Mark Bernard:IMG_7987

Hell, let’s show a lot of Mark Bernard in his Belgium blue:IMG_7989

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

2010 Shedd Park Cyclocross Seat Cam

The Cat 4 race at Shedd park.  Most of the first lap and then various clips of importance rounding out the rest of the race.

I’m trying BlipSnips to enable the highlights for your viewing pleasure.  Nevermind, YouTube couldn’t handle my video upload, so I resorted back to Vimeo.  Hey, I’m now a plus user, so supposedly I can upload higher-def videos.

  • My solid start.  Finally a good clip in and go.
  • Riding on PJ’s wheel, he gets off his bike for the steep ride up, forcing me off as well @4:50ish
  • Passing one of my nemesis, Paul , in slow motion @13:56
  • Epic battle at the end of the race with Mark
  • Dragging Matt on track @7:50
  • Passing Rob’s son Bungie @12:06
  • Epic battle with Mark at the end @14:14 where he passed me.

Further more, I’m learning some editing tricks:

  • Like the sped up motion at: @5:40ish
  • And my busting that power move on my teammate, and nemesis Paul @13:56

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Art of the Waffle Handup

We’ll let Chip Baker of Hearts demonstrate perfect technique on taking a waffle hand-up during the 2010 Shedd Park cyclocross race.

First, at the bottom of the climb you’ve gotta loosen the jaw for maximum flexibility for grabbing the waffle.  A couple of deep breaths helps, along with shouting “on your left” as you pass a rider.IMG_7923

Just like proper cyclocross cornering technique, you’re looking ahead.  Don’t look at the waffle. Notice how Chip’s eyes are focused on the rest of the climb.  Trust the waffle-handler to gently place the waffle in your mouth like a Catholic priest with the Body of Christ.IMG_7924

It helps to receive the waffle if you stick out your tongue.  The dried cotton-mouth from doing two prior laps at LTHR acts like velcro and increases your chances of the waffle staying to your mouth.IMG_7925

Once that waffle makes tongue contact, let your momentum deliver the waffle.  The giver should never force the transfer, and the rider should never take the waffle out of the fingers that giveth. IMG_7926

Next, clamp down and briefly close your eyes, cherishing initial waffle contact like your fist kiss in junior high-school with that girl on the flag team while watching Pretty in Pink in your parents rec-room.IMG_7927

With waffle safely secured, power to the pedal.  It helps to have a coach running along next to you acting as a spotter to confirm that the waffle has indeed landed successfully.IMG_7928

The proper waffle handup is a team effort.  One rigid hand by the giver, or an overzealous receiver, and the waffle ends up in the dirt.  Upon a successful hand-up, the giver shall celebrate, as it’s as much his success as the riders.IMG_7929

With waffle secure, ride away like Fido with that tennis ball he won’t return.IMG_7930

I’ve got nothing for this slide, maybe you the reader can fill in this step _________________.IMG_7931

Eat waffle slowly, careful not to choke on it.IMG_7932

Thank you, Chip, for perfect execution.

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Joy Of Winning!

Women cat4 and Women 35+
Cat 3 Men
Cub Juniors

Here is Joy showing the Joy of Winning! looks like a nice feeling!

Does Anyone remember when this kid was racing in the Cub Juniors? always a good kid, smiling and having fun riding his bike?
He is still a kid, but he is now a Super Fast. Still a good kid, smiling and having fun racing his bike.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

2010 Northampton Cat 4 Seatcam

After what was a pretty decent start, things fell apart for me.  Starting with an inital tear of my shorts on a stake, followed by my torn shorts getting caught when dismounting for a runup causing further damage.  At least I got good footage of half the racers.

Some highlights:

3:40ish a guy chasing me slaloms a tree, then eventually takes himself out by hitting my back wheel at 4:00.

At 10:00 I put some commentary with some highlights.  Clean sand rides, etc…

Lots of battling with some Geekhouse guys as we swamped positions often.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

More North Hampton CX - Day 1

Overall NoHo is one of the best races in the New England CX calendar.
here are few shots from day 1, check back later for links to our Face Book page.
I have images of the master races, the cat 3s and the Elite Women

Elite Women Gallery 
Masters 45 and 55+ Gallery 
Masters 35+ Gallery
Category 3 Gallery

Monday, November 8, 2010

2010 Northampton Cyclocross – Day 1

Here’s my brief coverage of day 1.

Master’s 45/55+

Master’s 35+ 1/2/3

Cat 3

Women’s Elite

Day 2 Women’s Cat 3/4 and Junior’s Race

Here’s some of my favorites.  If you wanna make my favorites, it totally helps to hook me up with beer.  Just saying.

Chip Baker of Hearts attacks the descent with Crazy Eyes.  Go read his write up on the race.IMG_7424

Doug Kennedy had a breakthrough weekend getting his first Top 20 in the Master A race on Sunday.  (Photo from him during Saturday’s race, though).IMG_7495

The run up during the first lap of the Master’s A race.  It’s like the Roman Army running to battle.IMG_7473

The BeachIMG_7523

The front of the 3’s had it going on earlyIMG_7603

Chandler Delinks biggest contribution to CyclocrossWorld.Com’s results this season is the recruitment of Austin Pferd, who absolutely crushed the Cat 3 field on Sunday. (Sorry, Chandler.)IMG_7606

Ryan White had a great podium finish on Sunday.IMG_7650

Chandler Delinks puts his power to good use on the rideup on Day 1:IMG_7627

Jeffrey Bramhall works on his suntanIMG_7541

Scott Rosenthal itched his way into the top ten on Saturday, congratsIMG_7653

The women’s elite race at the S-CurvesIMG_7677

Pedro’s team rider during the women’s elite race:IMG_7705 I’ll have some video tomorrow.

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Express Yourself!!

Today was the last race of the year at Billerica BMX!!
Here's a little action from Roger!

Roger Gould throwing a little style from Pain Face on Vimeo.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

CycloSmart International Cyclo-Cross 2010 by Elaine J DeBitetto

Day two of the Cyclosmart International Cyclo-cross race in North Hampton MA had plenty of action to capture. Bikes+Sand=......... well, you'll see!!!
Enjoy, Elaine

Friday, November 5, 2010

2010 MRC/ Cyclocross Race Seat Cam

Well, this event happened back on October 17th, 2010, but I figure it’s better late than never.  Ask me about my photos from NOHO last year sometime because I can’t find them here on Double Hop.

Anyway, this is the start of the Cat 4, 35+ race.  The interesting stuff is watching me power away on the straights.  Who would have thought I’d turn into a Cat 4 power rider?  I always thought of myself as a more technical turner.

This was my best race to date as I finished 15th/87.  I’ll take that.  A few more finishes like that, and I’ll go join the 3s in the middle of the pack. (Update, I did do the 3s at Canton.)

This was a classic New England fall day, and some good luck for MRC as we’ve had nothing but the worst of New England weather for out past two races (*cough, cough* Sterling Road Race and last year’s CX event).

If you just want to enjoy the Flyover, go to 7:15.

The music is by LCD Soundsystem, introduced to me by Chandler Delinks.  Drunk Girls.

The seat cam will be rolling for NOHO, with a special guest rider.  Stay tuned.

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

2010 Canton Cup Elite Race

I doubled up today and raced both the 4 and the 3/4 race.  As such, I only had time to take photos of the Men’s Elite race.  However, Rob, took a lot of nice photos.  It was nice for me to be the target of a Double Hop lens for once (that’s me in the MRC kit hanging on for dear life in the cat 3 race).

The complete gallery is over on Facebook, tag your pals (and nemeses).

The run-up was no match for second place finisher Justin Lindine20101030-IMG_7261

The barriers were no trouble for Synjen Marrocco who cleared them cleanly20101030-IMG_7334

Colin R analyzes Synjen’s barrier technique and thinks about what could have been20101030-IMG_7335

Jonny Bold doubled up taking 3rd in the Elite and 2nd in the Master’s A races20101030-IMG_7317

Cort Cramer on the runup20101030-IMG_7286

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Canton Cup

One of the reasons I usually prefer to shoot the lower category riders, as opposed to the Elites, is the raw emotions.The Elites are mean efficient machines, they have even trained themselves to hide the pain. You could say, most of the time, they show great poker faces. I am sure the Elites go deep into the Pain Cave, but they hide it well! It is hard (not impossible) to capture an Elite in the house of Pain.

The lower category riders wear their emotions on their face from Lap One.
click on this FB gallery to view lap one of the cat3/4 race at Canton

and Click here for 100+ shots

Monday, November 1, 2010

Nobody Sits on the Sidelines

BMX is a sport for all ages!!
Halloween BMX at Billerica was fantastic
CLICK HERE for more images

The Young and The old, we all get to race