Wednesday, November 3, 2010

2010 Canton Cup Elite Race

I doubled up today and raced both the 4 and the 3/4 race.  As such, I only had time to take photos of the Men’s Elite race.  However, Rob, took a lot of nice photos.  It was nice for me to be the target of a Double Hop lens for once (that’s me in the MRC kit hanging on for dear life in the cat 3 race).

The complete gallery is over on Facebook, tag your pals (and nemeses).

The run-up was no match for second place finisher Justin Lindine20101030-IMG_7261

The barriers were no trouble for Synjen Marrocco who cleared them cleanly20101030-IMG_7334

Colin R analyzes Synjen’s barrier technique and thinks about what could have been20101030-IMG_7335

Jonny Bold doubled up taking 3rd in the Elite and 2nd in the Master’s A races20101030-IMG_7317

Cort Cramer on the runup20101030-IMG_7286

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