Tuesday, November 23, 2010

2010 Shedd Park Cyclocross Seat Cam

The Cat 4 race at Shedd park.  Most of the first lap and then various clips of importance rounding out the rest of the race.

I’m trying BlipSnips to enable the highlights for your viewing pleasure.  Nevermind, YouTube couldn’t handle my video upload, so I resorted back to Vimeo.  Hey, I’m now a plus user, so supposedly I can upload higher-def videos.

  • My solid start.  Finally a good clip in and go.
  • Riding on PJ’s wheel, he gets off his bike for the steep ride up, forcing me off as well @4:50ish
  • Passing one of my crossresults.com nemesis, Paul , in slow motion @13:56
  • Epic battle at the end of the race with Mark
  • Dragging Matt on track @7:50
  • Passing Rob’s son Bungie @12:06
  • Epic battle with Mark at the end @14:14 where he passed me.

Further more, I’m learning some editing tricks:

  • Like the sped up motion at: @5:40ish
  • And my busting that power move on my teammate, and nemesis Paul @13:56
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