Saturday, October 9, 2010

Providence Cyclocross Festival - day 1

I had a great race today, I cracked the top 50% in the Cat 4. This result might sound incredibly lame to some of you, but I need to keep things in perspective.
Below is an image of the U14 race, my boy is the little guy in the Minuteman kit.

He gets upset when he doesn't win, he hates to loose. Here is a picture as he crossed the finish line.

So at the end of his soccer games, bike races, baseball games, etc...
I need to calm him down and help him keep things in perspective.
These conversations we have, have also helped me keep my expectations
in check, and just enjoy the fact that I am out there racing a bike!!
So Hell Yeah! I CRACKED THE TOP 50% in a cat 4 race!!

Cub Juniors images
Cat 3/4 Women
Cat 3 Men
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