Monday, October 4, 2010

Great Brewers Gran Prix of Gloucester 2010

What an amazing weekend! Bungy raced the Cub Juniors, as soon as he crossed the finish line he says:

"Daddy, I got last, I'm no good"
"Buddy, those kids are twice your age, you did great, I am so proud of you"
he says: "Whatever Dad, I was last"
"ok, dude, don't worry about it tomorrow we go back to BMX, if this isn't fun, you don't have to do it"
He looked at me, didn't say a word...
I say: "Buddy, you worked hard out there, I'm still proud of you"
"Daddy, I still want to race... I can get better"
 he continues "Please, I still want to race cyclocross"

he played soccer later that day, things went well. on sunday he raced BMX, he got first!
so 48 hours later, you sure you want to race Cyclocross?
"Yeah" he looked at me as if that was the dumbest question ever!
he is signed up Providence!!!

This was awesome, the Cat3/4 women field was huge, over 100 women!!

I played Crossresults and LadiesFirst photographer for most of the day.

On sunday, I went back to race... I had to jet home so we could race BMX.
I still had some time to take pictures of the cat4 35+ men.
the cat 4s are my favorite subjects, emotions are so raw and for the world to see!

Click the following links for more images
Cub Junior Race
Category 3 and 4 Women
Elite Men, Elite Women, and cat 3 Men
Cat 4 masters
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