Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Providence Cyclocross 2010, Day 1 – Seat Cam

I finally got some decent footage out of my seat camera in the Men’s 35+, Cat 4 race in Providence, RI.  I had huge plans for editing it.  After realizing how long it takes to edit video, and my just learning to use Sony Vegas, I cut it short.

So not too much action other than typical first lap stuff.  At about three minutes in, I cut to some of the finish stuff, like where John Plump, my teammate takes me on the line by inches. 

At 3:12, you can watch John almost ride off the course

At 3:20, you can see how easily I’m closed on paved straights

At 3:27, you can see teammate John close me in the final sprint.  Watch his 15 meter acceleration.

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