Monday, September 20, 2010

Verge #1: Green Mountain Cyclocross Weekend, Day 1

Results were already posted before I arrived home from a beautiful weekend of racing.  Perfect weather on Saturday.  Am I the only one who got a New England sunburn in September?  Sorry, no coverage of Day 2.  I raced and then drove home.

Here the photos of:  Juniors 10-14, Women 3/4, and Women 35+Masters Men 35+; and The Juniors and Cat 3 Train.

Some of my favorites, follow…

A HUP rider racing in the cat 3’s rides amongst the beautiful backdrop:20100918-IMG_6031

Team Svelte Cycles, looking rather Svelte:20100918-IMG_5917

They are coming for you:20100918-IMG_5951

Gary David flies like Superman during the Masters 35+:20100918-IMG_5902

Two National Champs, Kevin Hines and Jonny Bold, fly the stars and stripes:20100918-IMG_5837

Ladies First Racing gets it done:20100918-IMG_5824

Bike prep for the Elite race:20100918-IMG_5878
Geek Hut House Team rider gets up the stairs during the cat 3 race:20100918-IMG_6019

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