Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sucker Brook Cross 2010

"I will be racing 14 year olds?"
"yes, you will be racing 10 to 14 year olds"
"But, I am going to loose! why can't I race other 7 year olds"

"You can, but then you have to do the little kid race around the field"
He thought for a little while.... "No, I'll race the big kids, I want to ride the big boy loop"

He raced, he was hurting, but he had a blast!
"do you want to race next weekend, same deal?"
he finished with a smile and a wheelie

Kids race images,
Category 4 Women
Cat 3 Men

we stuck around for a little while longer, long enough to snap the cat 3 racers

I shot some of the cat3/4 women too, as they were racing at the same time as the cub juniors!

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