Monday, December 6, 2010

NBX RI - Verge Series Finale!!

I had a day pass to stay at the race all day. So my plan was to race, chill out, watch some masters racing, then photograph the Elite races. I didn't want to shoot more Snapshots, I brought all my photo gear hoping to create some nice Images. I had decided that I would use Sir Drinkalot as my subject... but then I saw him and he tells me that he is not racing, I guess the benders have finally caught up to him.

Damn, on to plan B... err, I didn't have a plan B.
By the time the Cat 3 started I setup all my shit by the sand run-up... took lots of test shots, they were all CRAP! Women race started, took more shots.... More CRAP!

Cat 3 Men Gallery
Elite Women Gallery 

By the time the Men Elite race started, I had packed up and called it a wasted day.

As I was walking to my car, i decided to pull the camera out and take some "snapshots" of the Elite Men. then the race got really exciting, then my flashes came out of my bag again. before I knew it, the race was over and I ended up with a few Images, Click here to see all of them 

Here's on of my favorite moments of the race, Manny Goguen was trying to help his team mate. Manny was battling it out with Myerson, He was trying to get in front and slow it down so Lendine could get a gap! it was awesome racing! BTW I am  a HUGE Manny Goguen FAN.

This next shot was taken with 2 to go, things were really heating up

This Shot was right before the finish, ALL out attacking!
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