Monday, December 13, 2010


This is such a fantastic race, BenderBoy has done an amazing job creating an Event. This isn't just another race in the calendar, it has become an EVENT. I showed up in time to photograph the cat 4. I was racing the SS at noon. By 10am, the crowds were thick, the beer was flowing and the racing was awesome.

I snapped a few shots, (click here for Album) but just then, I started hanging out and only a few laps into the first race, the camera was put away for good. As much as I love photographing races, Often I miss out on the fun of the race because I am busy taking shots.

I spent the whole day at the Weasels, eating, drinking, chilling with NECX peeps, oh yeah and racing my bike too. I took a hand up or 2 in every lap of my race, except the first one, nobody gave me shit on that first lap! I had so much fun racing my bike I was a little sad when it ended, ONE TO GO, came to quickly for the first time ever.

there are so many stories out there, once again we will be talking about the Ice Weasels for a long time.

Here is a shot from guy that has to be the luckiest dude, he drives to races and hangs out with his Grandson. yes you read it right, his Grandson. if you see them at races stop by and say hi to them, they are the coolest people out there.
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