Monday, August 23, 2010

Blunt Park 2010

I had no idea it was going to rain all day, I never checked the weather report.
I signed up my boy and I for Blunt park, and drove over.

It was a great day for cross, it turned out to be my best day of cross EVAH.
I had entered Raffaele (a.k.a. Bungy) to race the 12 and under race. He was excited to race.  He woke up at 5am and slept with his race clothes on, but he was bummed that he would race against older kids (he turned 7 this past summer).

My race started at 9am, he was so pumped for me, he was everywhere. Every turn of the course he was there yelling "GO DADDY".

My race ended and we had a long wait for his race, we went to eat breakfast.
Once we came back to Blunt, he put on his race shoes and headed out to test the course. I think he rode the course over 5 times, he was so pumped up and happy.  He loved the wooded trails.

At one point there was a rumor that the kids wouldn't ride the trails, he was so upset, that he wouldn't race his favorite section. No need to worry, Jeff was very flexible, the kids wanted to ride the woods and he listened. So the kids race was on, one full lap of the grown up course.

The race started and Bungy took the hole shot into the first u-turn, and very quickly he and two other boys separated themselves from the field. Their group of three headed into the woods with a good lead.

Myself and the other parents anxiously waited for them to come out of the woods...they did still riding together.

Bungy hit the first obstacle in 1st place, but he is too small and had a hard time lifting the bike over the railing, he struggled as the other 2 boys jumped over and rode away.

He got back on his bike and fought his way back. He took the lead again only to loose it at the next set of barriers.

After the last set of barriers he fought back again and was sitting in third place. Right before the paved road to the finish there was a mud bowl, then the 30 yard paved sprint.

He came in to the bowl in 3rd, dove left and sprinted out of the bowl in 1st place. He then  busted ass to finish it off and seal his WIN!!

He was so happy, I was too, my heart was still pumping at 180bpm even 10 minutes after his race ended.

Oh yeah, there are a few other races there, click on our Facebook link for a full set of images, or click HERE to go directly to the album.

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