Sunday, August 22, 2010

The 2010 D2R2 Randonnee Ride Report

A.k.a. How to gain weight despite riding 65 miles and climbing 6200 feet over rough terrain

Another early morning sunrise as we meet at our spot for carpooling from the city.  The great thing about epic 6 hour+ rides  is that you can consume as much food, guilt free.

Upon arrival at Charles River canoe launch, already ingested:  One vanilla-frosted donut.

Matthew drove us out to Deerfield, MA where we were greeted with perfect weather for a day on the bike.  Consumed during car ride:  One double-chocolate Dunkin’ Donuts donut. 

We registered for the ride, and made our way to the pre-ride snack tent.  Pre-ride snacks: half cup of coffee, 15 M & Ms, and a banana – trying to keep it healthy:

Seven of us from MRC were riding.  El Presidente (Jorge) was there and so was Steen:

Carl was there with a smile in anticipation of the torture that awaited:

Gary was there beating everyone to the tops of the hills:

New comer MRC’r, Matthew was there all bandaged up, despite getting hit by a car last week:

And, of course, I was there (self portrait):

We rode out around 8:30 on the 100K ride.

After a few miles of pavement we hit some hills and the first, loose dirt.  I didn’t have proper tires on my road bike, I was riding with Conti 4000s, 23c.  I didn’t want to have a pinch flat party, so I pumped them up to 115 PSI.  You wanna talk about a plush ride?  Wow.  I slipped up the first steep loose section, thinking to myself….today is going to suck.  Luckily, the first section was the worst for the whole day and was the only section I had to walk for about 20 feet.

We rode through some amazing vistas and classic old farms, here’s Matthew, Jorge, and Gary enjoying the climb:

Water break at mile 12.9 after the first 2400 feet of climbing.  Here’s the Zanconato guys with their beautiful bikes chatting it up:

We finally hit the Vermont border:

After a hairy descent where I felt every shoulder jarring rock, and 23.7 miles and another 2600 feet of climbing, we arrived at the at the Green River bridge for lunch:

Lunch Stop consumption: 2 Fig Newtons.  1 sandwich of peppers, mozzarella, some herbs.  1 bowl of pasta.  1 bag of Fritos (I needed the electrolites from the salt).  About 10 Oreos.  1 bag of trail mix, minus the Cheerios.

After lunch we sped along the Green River for what must have been about 10 miles in a nice peleton at a good clip.  Time was flying by, then we hit a switchback and started climbing.  All that food in my stomach just powered me up the hill that kept on going and going.

After 15.5 miles, 1800 feet of climbing we arrived at Apex Orchards where we fed on peaches (queue up The Presidents of The United States’s song Peaches:

Snack Stop:  2 Peaches

Only 11.9 miles to go!

After another 1100 feet of climbing, we went past this cow:

And then, if there was any question to why I’d possibly get lost during a randonnee, it’s signs like this:

And then we were done.

Post ride recovery drink:  One Coke.

Post-post ride recovery drink: One Berskshire Brewing Company beer:

Dinner:  Some ribs, some chicken, some Mac & Cheese, a bunch of green beans, and a sample of blueberry crisp.

Dessert:  A full-size portion of blueberry crisp with whipped cream.

Beverage for car ride home: A Coke.

Wow, I’m full and feeling bloated, and not entirely guiltless.

Great day on the bike through scenic western Mass and southern Vermont. 

For a complete listing of the photos, visit the Facebook photo album.

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