Monday, July 5, 2010

And on the 20th Try, we got take off!!!

I met a team mate and his 3 boys at the Jumps today. He and the boys have seen this blog, they boys have been asking to ride the JUMPs. When we first arrived, the jumps were a little overwhelming.
The cool thing, the boys were not intimidated at all. while they couldn't quite ride the jumps (never mind hitting them) they kept trying.... many, many fail attempts later. the oldest finally asked.
How do you do this?

so we started with a little tip here, and a tip there. "Dude some time it takes 100 tries to get your first air!"
he kept trying, and learning quickly. "put your pedals at 3 and 9 o'clock." "stand up centered over the bike", etc... etc...

 I didn't count but I think he finally felt air on his 20th try... it was sweet. you could hear it in his voice: pure JOY! I pulled out the camera. and told him do it again! i told him I wasn't ready to take the shot ( I was ready, but didn't want to put pressure on him) he did it again. The shot below! (Dad is standing in the background)
then I said "alright kid, I want big air! push on the bars, show me what you got!"

TP came in so hot and ready he got air alright, unfortunately he wasn't prepare for the landing!
he went home a little scratched up... but HE GOT AIR, and he KNOWS IT!

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