Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rear Curtain

My boy and I hit the jumps tonight. I was experimenting with some Rear Curtain flashing.
I was trying to give the image a sense on movement and direction. I still need some work on this, but the image below is displayed as camera saw it no photoshop. Click here for the rest of the images


  1. Love that rear-curtain sync! Slow your shutter speed a bit more if you fancy additional motion blur (it will open up the background a bit for you too).

    I love how the axis of camera movement is way to the left of the image, giving some circular motion blur to the sky leaking through the trees.

  2. thanks for the advice. funny thing happened, we were there today, I wanted to work on more of those shots... ambient light was very different.

    FAILED. I couldn't get the shot again.
    in order to have a longer exposure I had to make the aperture really small, making my rear curtain flash ineffective. couldn't quite freeze him at the end, making the hole snap a blur