Sunday, March 21, 2010

Killington Terrain Park Session

You might be wondering what skiing photos have to do with cycling?  Well, my target of photography today was my buddy Kurt Schmid, a Category 2 roadie, and probably the only Masters rider in the country who can throw down big heli-X’s in the terrain park on skis, getting even props from the 15 year olds who are wearing ski costumes they’ll never outgrow.

20100320-IMG_2574 (Large)

And Kurt had to hike the jump a few times (6) so that I could work on the angle, which was tough with all the background distractions:20100320-IMG_2591 (Large)

And one final one with my wide angle, taken on the side of the jump:20100320-IMG_2613 (Large)

Of course, there was one bad-ass youngen tossing back flips like granpa and his pancakes:20100320-IMG_2623 (Large)

For a semi-complete photo session of images, check-out the full gallery over here.

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